Graeme Knights and Jim Mageean


Although Jim and Graeme have worked together many times over the years they officially started singing together in 2002 at Whitby Folk Week. Jim had been running the Shanty Sessions there for over 30 years and Graeme kindly offered to help out (it’s a tiring and thirsty job singing shanties for 2 hours every day of the festival!) and Jim was glad to accept. They’ve been running these sessions together ever since, and also run similar events at other Festivals around the country – Barnsley, Bedworth, Bromyard etc (and that’s just the B’s!).

The two singers are mostly known in association with the late, great Johnny Collins who sadly passed away in July 2009 (whilst on tour in Poland with Jim). Jim had been singing in a duo with Johnny since 1975 and Graeme had also been singing with Johnny since 1999. Sometimes the three singers performed as a trio (they toured Canada as such in 2008) and the last recording Johnny made was the CD ‘Good Times’ with Jim and Graeme – so named because they always had such good times together.

Like Johnny, Jim and Graeme specialise in unaccompanied chorus songs. Sea Shanties, Work Songs, Union Songs, Mining Songs, Drinking Songs etc. Anything to get the audience to join in and ‘Make the Rafters Roar’.

You can see and hear Jim and Graeme anywhere that singers gather to belt out great choruses over a pint or two. Guaranteed to be ‘tear-jerker’ and ‘wrist-slasher’ free. ‘Good Times’ in store for all participants!