Graeme’s singing pedigree covers six generations of singers in his family. Graeme’s direct involvement with folk music goes back over 30 years. He was director of the Doncaster Folk Festival for several years and has been involved in the running of several clubs. Graeme enjoyed a high profile with the Group “Landlocked” for 6 years and over 12 years singing with Jim Mageean, although his repertoire is not restricted to just Shanties, it encompasses Traditional Love Songs, Mining Songs, Gospels, Drinking and Music Hall Songs and some more recently written contemporary songs – many with good enjoyable and singable choruses. His rich baritone voice draws you to join in the singing and his delivery and presence make for a most memorable evening.

Graeme’s various voyages with the Jubilee Sailing Trust means he delivers his signature song “Don’t disable me” with extra gusto.

As well as being a regular performer at many Folk clubs and Festivals in the UK Graeme regularly appears at clubs and festivals in The Netherlands , Germany, Belgium, France as well as further afield in America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.